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2023 Transformative
Consumer Research
Dialogical Conference

June 18-20, 2023

Royal Holloway, University of London

Welcome to TCR 2023

Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) is the preeminent community at the intersection of consumer and marketing research that promotes positive individual, collective, and environmental change. Our dialogical conference is a space of possibility where groups of researchers and stakeholders who share common commitments to social issues come together for an extended period to engage in democratic dialogue in tracks. In a relaxed setting, scholars and stakeholders leverage their distributed wisdom to think expansively, this is an open process driven by curiosity and collaboration.


Building Capacity


Scholars with shared interests come together to ideate on solutions to issues that impact consumer


Leveraging Theory-Guided Research

Scholars experiment with new ways to do

team-based research toward fundamental transformation, furthering empirical work in key substantive areas that are already underway.

Implementing Solutions


Comprised of larger teams emerging from long-term collaborations, scholars focus on measurable societal impact.  

Conference Co-chairs
37 tracks | 277 delegates


TCR2023 would like to thank our sponsors and supporters

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